Small Cell

Utility Poles

In an ever changing telecom market, light poles have been an increasingly efficient location for wireless small cells and oDAS nodes.

Small cells installed on light poles Enhances Network Coverage & Capacity. Even robust cellular networks encounter capacity and coverage limitations and small cells are the solution. Our teams have worked with engineers and network providers on enhanced mounting and installations assisting our clients with unconventional projects.

Indoor DAS

On staff, BCI employs specialty crews to tackle all maintenance and support of existing towers, small cells, and equipment.

Our shops are well stocked with the materials required to make repairs on short notice and in emergency situations. With cutting edge technologies and certifications we are prepared to tackle whatever issues and maintenance required eliminating tower down time for our clients.

Reliable in-building wireless connectivity is more important than ever. And improving coverage and capacity indoors doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Having a strong connectivity throughout your building benefits your employees by being able to roam from their office to different floors without the loss of connection. BCI provides turn key services that include the following:

  • Project Scope
  • Client Representation
  • Pre-installation and Benchmark Testing
  • System Design
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Equipment Installation
  • Post data collection & Maintenance.